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Is the Final Cut Pro's Apple ProRes capable of doing film?

panasonic700 (1)|28.3.2011 05:18
..been wondering, I always do the editing using Final Cut Pro. Normally, we shoot using RED camera. Sometimes Panasonic HVX100. My timeline settings would be Apple ProRes 422 (HQ). Export the to TGA sequence.. then bring it to the lab for kinescoping.

Thought it would look sharp on the big screen.. but I'm very frustrated with the result. It doesn't look sharp at all. There's like a gaussian blur on the image by 2%.

Can you tell me your workflows using Final Cut? Thanks
bencody01 (1)|28.3.2011 10:50
My workflow using Final Cut is use Aunsoft Video Converter for Mac to convert my video from camcorder to ProRes 422 then import the output files in to FC for editing, the result is very well